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 Additional Gunner Skills

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Un-Ran Administrator

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PostSubject: Additional Gunner Skills   Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:15 pm

Additional Gunner Skills
10 str gunner skills
10 int gunner skills

6 str premium gunner skills
6 int premium gunner skills

3 premium buffs

all premium skills of all classes now have 100 % push/pull rate (cancel)

suryun mobs reduced - this is to make items more rare than being wasted because of too much number of drops

Item mix requirements reduced - i reduced the suryun mobs but i also reduced the number of requirements needed for item mixing so dont ask me for more sphere drops

More Balance Gunner Skill Damage - i cant implement debuff and other advantages to gunner so i made its skill damage more balanced

More Balance Overall Int Damage - if you still encounter too low int skill damage your exceeding its limits just reduce your int stats and put the remaining to dex

400 + new items soon


Contact me in-game.

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Additional Gunner Skills
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